Embezzlement of € 38,500 and jackpot of € 31,280

We know that you particularly appreciate the pretty winning stories on Roulette.be, but that you also like the various facts related to the world of finance, casinos, online games and business with twists and turns. You will therefore be really spoiled at the start of the week since we are going to tell you the story of a woman who embezzled € 38,500 on her boss’ account to help her companion to play at the casino, and of a beautiful story of a jackpot of almost € 31,300 which has just been won on the Ozwin’s Jackpot slot machine from the online casino games publisher Yggdrasil Gaming.

She wins a jackpot of € 31,280 with a stake of € 0.60

We are at the end of April and a player at an online casino has won a nice little jackpot of no less than € 31,280. This is not an isolated case and hundreds of players manage to round off their end of the month pleasantly with prizes. of the genre, like those who play on Casino777.be for example. But this jackpot is rather worthy of interest today, since it was quite simply won by wagering only… 0.60 €. A proof here again, and as we are used to revealing it to you by recounting this kind of beautiful story every month, that anything is possible with online slot machine games!

The Ozwin’s Jackpot

This jackpot was therefore hit on a slot machine called Ozwin’s Jackpot and which is published by the developer Yggdrasil Gaming. The player, who we will call Juliette, is a particularly reasonable player and for once … really lucky. She had been registered with the online casino for about 1 year. An opportunity for her to see some winnings credited to her account from time to time, but none had yet been compared to this last jackpot of € 31,280.

Here we find a woman who reveals herself in the media as a rather reasonable player, who favors caution and is therefore careful never to bet too much at once. This is a strategy that is adopted by many players who play for pleasure, but with an ambition to make their investment profitable anyway. They regularly try to win with small deposits and usually hope to make withdrawals to stay profitable. This player reveals for example on the internet and on informative sites that she plays regularly by depositing 40 euros per day. Even if she has been playing most often on the Internet for a year, she has not neglected land-based casinos, where she certainly goes less often, namely once every three months, and where it undertakes not to exceed the 50 euros budget. She was able to prove with her last pocketed win that it was not always necessary to bet big to win a big win and that sometimes it was enough to just be patient.

A generous slot machine

This is how we can undoubtedly see here a particularly well-established strategy, which however left nothing to predict for Juliette who certainly did not expect to win so big by having bet only 0.60 € per spin on the machine. under. Luck will however knock on the door of this woman who, once arrived in free spins mode on the game, will see the paying combinations follow one another until they hit the jackpot!

She will indicate having won 4 free spins for a value of 20 euros, just before starting 10 free spins. She will then add to having had, on the first 4 parts, the 4 red diamonds which are primed for the big jackpot …

We know that these jackpot stories have always had the gift of awakening many fantasies in us. Even if this gain is not more impressive than others that we have already related to you on our portal and that it will certainly not be enough to protect her from want until the end of her days, it We must admit that we find ourselves here facing an interesting sum that can allow you to put some money aside, and perhaps take a few vacations to relax and unwind. But this story finally proves that winning a 5-figure jackpot, by wagering less than € 1, is therefore quite possible in the world of online games, even if you will however have to count on a good dose. luck.

But some people sometimes rely on other, much less laudable and legal actions to add money to their bank account. This is the case of this duo of crooks who have been making headlines in the gaming world in recent days, with their villainous diversion to play in a land-based casino …

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